The Unsigned Band Web is an international music website for independent artists and bands featuring all genres of music.  We offer Artist pages where artists can post pictures, stream songs, and post news.  We have a very friendly community where artists can promote and have their music heard and reviewed.  We also run an online radio that streams our artistís songs to websites throughout the internet.  If you are looking for a great place to promote your band and get feedback on your music, we would love to have you.  We are run for artists, by artists.

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Language options:  Our Site is in English, but the Artist page manager is offered in Dutch, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Free: Yes.  We offer a Trial package with 15MB of free space (approximately 2-4 Hifi songs). 

Price: We offer 3 paying accounts. 

    1) BASIC package with 100MB of space for $4.99 a month. 

    2) STANDARD package with 150MB of space for $7.99 a month. 

    3) PRO package with 200MB of space for $11.99 a month.

Number of songs allowed: There are no set limits on the number of songs allowed.  The only limitation is the amount of space an Artist has.

Radio stations or playlists:  We have our own Radio Stations that are syndicated to sites throughout the internet, as well as a syndicated Feature Artist (for paying members only).  We also offer all our Artists the ability to create their own Radio stations.

Streaming possible:  Yes.  Streaming of songs is available. 

Streaming with specific player/any player:  Songs can be streamed will any player.

Deep linking = direct links to tracks at the site:  Deep linking of songs is offered for paying members only.

Lofi song creation:  All our Artists have a built in Lofi song creator in their page manager.

Easy to Use?:  The site and page manager are both very user friendly.  If you are having problems, we have both online and downloadable Site and Artist Page Manager User Manuals.

Can customize with HTML or JavaScript:  customizable with BBCode

Exposure on multiple web sites:  Yes. We have a few different opportunities for exposure on multiple web sites.  The UBW has its own Online Radio Stations,  and a Syndicated Feature Artist (for paying members only).  These are both syndicated to sites throughout the internet.

Popups:  no popups

Direct feedback to artists:  ABSOLUTELY!!  There is a 'contact' link directly on the artist page, as well as a guestbook.  The Unsigned Band Web also have a very active Forum.

Direct promotion to consumers (e-mails etc.):  No

Feature articles, and front page features:  We offer interviews and many spotlights throughout our site to our paying members.

Forum:  Yes.  We have a very friendly community.  The forum is available to everyone.

Events page:  For paying members only.  Premium members are given an Upcoming Shows page within their artist page.

Charts:  We have many many Charts pages.  We have an all genre charts page and charts pages for each individual genre.  Within these Charts pages, there are ranking charts for number of plays over different time frames, as well as a Rating chart.

Possibility to sell music downloads and cd's:  For paying members only.  Premium members are given a Store page within their artist page where they can sell music, merchandise, .mp3s, etc.  The store page is run through Paypal.  (The artist uses their paypal account to receive payments)

Possibility to make cd's:  coming soon

Music videos:  coming soon

E-mail on site:  Yes.  All our Artist pages have a built in contact page.  We also have a private messaging system within our forums.

Responsive to enquiries:  ABSOLUTELY!   We are extremely responsive to all our artists and members questions. 

Immediate updates: Yes.  All updates are immediate. 

Works well with PC and Mac:  yes