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FACTS ABOUT banduniverse.com


The Band Universe is a promotion engine for bands, groups, and individual
artists. You can enter detailed information: bio, roster, upcoming gigs,
recordings and MP3 audio. Or, you can just link The Band Universe to your
website. Either way, you’ll be instantly visible to visitors to The Band
Universe. Also, each week new artist's names are added to a page crawled by
search engine's spiders so that search engine users can find you.

Host: http://www.banduniverse.com
Language options: english
View details (kindly provided by site): yes
Free: yes
Price: free
Pay for play: no
Number of songs allowed:
Streaming possible: no
Streaming with specific player/any player: no
Transmit your music anywhere - deeplinking =direct link to tracks at the site: yes
Can customize HTML or JavaScript:
Exposure on multiple web sites:
Direct feedback to artists: no
Feature articles, and front page features: yes
Forum: no
Radio stations or playlists: no
Charts: no
Possibility to burn cd:s no
Possibility to sell cd:s not yet
Music videos: no
E-mail on site: yes
Responsive to enquiries: yes
Immediate updates: yes
Alexa traffic rank: unknown
Works well with PC: yes
Works well with Mac: yes



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