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indie - adj. independent, not belonging to one of the major recording companies.
guild - n. an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

What is IndieGuild?
IndieGuild is a small exclusive online radio station where carefully selected independent artists provide first rate music for the listening pleasure of music lovers across the globe.

What is the objective of IndieGuild?
IndieGuild’s sole objective is the promotion of top quality independent music and the artists who are making that music a reality today.

How is IndieGuild achieving this objective?
The IndieGuild Staff (The Stream Team) has set up a clutter-free, advert-free, extremely easy to navigate website which is a genuine treat for both eyes and ears. At the IndieGuild website there are no user subscriptions and no complications: just great music and excellent artists. The moment visitors reach the IndieGuild home page the exclusive built-in radio player starts up automatically with the playlist of the day and a string of small icons representing all the current IndieGuild artists runs gently across the screen. A simple click on one of these icons will give the visitor instant access to that particular artist’s individual page where he will find a larger artist image, a complete biography, a link to the artist’s personal website, a ‘BUY’ link for artist CDs, and a direct link to the artist’s personal forum space. There are also links to a complete A-Z of IndieGuild artists, the complete IndieGuild playlist, and the IndieGuild Forums. An artists by genres link is coming soon.

What is the IndieGuild playlist?
If the artists are the heart of IndieGuild then the playlist is the soul. The playlist consists of two songs from each IndieGuild artist which stream continuously on the exclusive built-in radio player for as long as a visitor keeps the IndieGuild site open on his computer. These songs are rotated regularly to keep the playlist dynamic and are also changed on a regular basis for new songs from the same artist. Visitors can choose to stream in HiFi or in LoFi according to the speed of their internet connection (default is LoFi so as not to exclude dial-up users from listening).

Why the name IndieGuild?
A quick look at the above definition should be sufficient to explain the reason behind the name. IndieGuild artists are all independent and all have a common goal: promoting their music across the globe. As a consequence, while The Stream Team is responsible for the organistion and maintainance of the site and the addition of new artists, promotion is more of a cooperative nature in which all IndieGuild artists play a fundamental role, each according to his available time and energy.

How do artists join IndieGuild?

IndieGuild is a small and selective OMD which concentrates on quality rather than quantity. IndieGuild scouts send in their recommendations to The Stream Team and those artists who are considered suitable for addition are sent a formal invitation to join the site. Aspiring artists are obviously very welcome to propose their music through the use of the on-site contact form and all proposals are sure to be listened to in time, but this method is no guarantee of a place on the site. The IndieGuild selection procedure is tied to a number of variables and is totally subjective (in the same way that any private radio station chooses whose music it wishes to play). As a consequence, non-inclusion on the site in no way reflects the quality of an artist’s music.

What are IndieGuild’s long-term plans?
IndieGuild’s aim in the long run is to create a site that appeals above all to listeners and music lovers across the globe as well as to other musicians. There are a number of exciting ideas in the pipeline with this regard...


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