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Funender is a fast growing independent music and graphic artists site. It is established in december 2002. Site has an active friendly family like community and support forum with daily top music charts. Artists can host their mp3 tracks in Funender Music. Funender Music includes Internet music stations that can be created and hosted by the artists. Both HiFi and LoFi mp3 streaming is supported on stations. Artists don't need to upload LoFi mp3 tracks because there's lofi mp3 creator. Funender is not only for art and music it is also having fun and playing games, check out also Funender Quake forum.

Funender offers also affordable webhosting and mp3 hosting services.




Language options: English

Annual Fees: free mp3 page with 15MB of space, common plan with250mb/$35.40/yr and Platinum Classic with 1000 MB/$49.40/yr .

Number of songs: free account: depending of file size= about 2-4 songs

Speed: fast

Streaming: Dial up (lofi) and cable (Hifi)

Streaming: any player for example Windows media player/winamp/I-Tunes

Deep linking yes

only HTML

Exposure on multiple sites: yes, music banner exchange program

Popups: no

Direct feedback to artists: yes

Direct promotion to consumers: yes

Feature articles, front page: yes

Forum: yes

Events page: yes

Radio stations/playlists: yes

Possibility to make cds: yes, Funender compilation

Sell cds: yes

Music videos: no

E-mail on site: yes

Free affiliate service: you may want to look into our free affiliate service that will pay you $3 anytime someone subscribes to funender.com hosting. It would be a great way for you to earn money to help support your site. You can view more details here: http://www.funender.com/phpBB2/affintro.php

Responsive to enquiries: yes

Immediate updates: yes

Alexa ranking rank: yes, banner on the front page (check it out)

Works well: downtimes very rarely, so yes

Works well with pc: yes

Works well with mac: yes


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