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Host www.emusu.com

Language options: Customers provide all content so they can choose to provide multiple language options

View details (kindly provided by site): Emusu.com is a fully customized and brandable web based platform that enables independents to sell and market their repertoire from their OWN websites. The product comes in two flavours – lite and pro. Emusupro is a full website packages featuring 10 separate areas, emusulite is a bolt-on shop option that can be fully integrated within an existing site facilitating a seamless end user experience. Emusu automatically accounts to the UK download charts and Royalty collection agencies and pays net revenues on a monthly basis

Free: No

Price: emusupro = £549.00 inc VAT for year 1, £12.50 per month thereafter,
emusulite = £199.00 inc VAT for year 1, £12.50 per month thereafter

Pay for play: No

Number of songs allowed: Both variants of the product come with 500Mb storage as standard, on average enough for 100 songs. Additional storage is £5 per month per each additional 500Mb

FM radio distribution: No

Radio stations or playlists: No

Streaming possible: Yes

Streaming with specific player/any player: No

Popups: No

Direct feedback to artists: Yes – realtime sales stats

Direct promotion to consumers e-mails etc.: Yes.

Feature articles, and front page features: Yes

Forum: Yes

Events page: Yes

Charts: Yes

Possibility to sell music downloads: Yes

Possibility to make cd:s No

Possibility to sell cd:s Yes

Music videos: Yes

E-mail on site: Yes

Responsive to enquiries: Yes – please feel free to post my email address: craig@darecordings.com

Immediate updates: Yes

Works well with PC: Yes

Works well with Mac: Yes



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