Artists from all over the World uniting for a mutual Good Cause - Music

Facts about http://www.artistgigs.com

Language options: English
Free: Yes
Price: Free
Pay for play: No
Number of songs allowed: Unlimited
Streaming possible: Yes
Streaming with specific player/any player mp3 player
Transmit your music anywhere-deep linking = direct links to tracks at the site): No
Exposure on multiple web sites: Coming in a week or so
Direct feedback to artists: Yes
Feature articles, and front page features: Yes
Radio stations or playlists: No
Charts: Coming in a week or so
Possibility to burn cd:s Probably?
Possibility to sell cd:s: Coming in a week or so
Music videos: No
E-mail on site: Yes
Responsive to enquiries: Very Good
Immediate updates: Yes
Alexa traffic rank: ?
Works well with PC: Yes
Works well with Mac: Yes


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