Artists from all over the World uniting for a mutual Good Cause - Music


1. We now feature songs from the same genre only in the weekly contest (alternative, pop/rock, jazz, classical, hip-hop/urban, world/folk etc.)

2. We only accept the votes of the artists who are posted in the contest on the web site(the probability that they know each other is very small). With an open vote system, where all your friends can vote for you, the artists with the most friends get the best results.

3. With the current vote system we get 90 votes, the average of which decides who's the winner. It's not always the artist with the most first places, because it's a mean. So it might be a good idea to ask for your results.

4. The artists who are placed 1-3 are listed.

5. You only get your personal rankings, as we think that's the only results that actually concern you.

6. We send the personal results only to artists who ask for them. Thus, if you weren't in the top 3, you can always believe you placed 4:th, if you don't want to know the truth ;)

7. We could publish all the results in our weekly news letter, but we don't think the artists who didn't get the best rankings would want their results posted to everybody.

8. Read the letter that will be sent to you once you're song has been entered in the contest: "Your song is featured on Original Compo-10. Please read this first"

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As you can see "Artists from all over the World uniting for a mutual Good Cause - Music" holds true!

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