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Supertonic-cds is a website built especially for independent musicians, giving musicians the opportunity to sell their cd’s online with us internationally, or alternatively consumers the opportunity to buy or listen to Unlimited Independent Music Worldwide music free from the restraints of large music corporations, music which the artists have expressed their own creative energy into, as they wish to be heard by the public.

There is no fee for joining Supertonic-cds, all artists are required to do is sign up to Paypal ( so that we can pay them directly into their bank accounts once one of their cd’s have been sold. Then fill in the artists submit form on our website (, providing us with information on themselves as musicians and their music, so we can put it up onto the website to help promote their cd. Then lastly initially we require just 6 cd’s to the address posted on the website, which will appear after the artists have filled in the submit form, one of the cd’s will be kept by us in order to put one minute clips on the website of the album songs, to promote the artists album and the other 5 available for people to buy. Artists can name their selling price and will receive 75% of that selling price, we only keep 20% and 5% is a credit card transaction charge Worldpay take everytime a customer buys a cd.

Supertonic-cds believes in independent music, music which is free from the restraints of major music corporations allowing artists to fully express their creative energy, we accept all musical styles on the website, as long as the cd’s have the required professional artwork.
For more information or contact information please visit:

Free: yes

Price: no price as we work on commission everytime a cd is sold
No fee to join

Pay for play : no

Number of songs unlimited, we sell cd's

Speed: fairly fast

Direct feedback to artists: yes

Direct promotion to consumers (e-mails etc): yes

Feature articles, and front page features on our website: yes

Events page : artists own website are posted up on our website

Possibility to sell cd:s: yes

E-mail on site : yes

Responsive to enquiries: yes

Immediate updates: yes

Works well with PC: yes

Works well with Mac: yes