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Friday November 25:th

Dear Compo-10 Friends,

If you receive this mail you're in my entry list because you have submitted a song/songs to compo-10 (either earlier or for one of the upcoming contests). If you haven't heard from me by now please contact me to make sure I have you in my entry table, thanks.

This week we feature some really nice country music. Check out the new entries!

Sorry I haven't sent out the results for weeks 183 and 184 (hip-hop/urban and blues) yet. I'll this as soon as I find the time.

Top-3 from all the weeks can be found here. Detailed results from all the weeks can be found here (top-3 from all the finals, most first places in the individual contests, best weekly means etc.) - scroll down the table to find the newest results.
You can listen to the winners on my artistlaunch.com station by clicking this link. The short URL is http://artistlaunch.com/Compo10. You can also listen to the winners on my personal FreeWorldRadio broadcaster - found on the website.

Please support the first winners' compilation CD, buy a copy and spread the word! If we do it together we can sell lots of CD:s. Artists from almost all parts of the world are part of this community. Doing it alone is difficult while together we can be strong. All that is earned is shared by the winners featured. If you're not yet one of the winners you might be one of the winners in one of the upcoming contests. So please help me help you!

10 songs of each genre are needed to set up a contest. Please check out the newsletter on my site. It's impossible to give you a specific date for the contest your song will be in before I have collected all ten songs required. The genres with enough songs will be featured within the next few weeks.


101 artists in line
  • alternative 7/10 artists in line for the next alternative compo-10
  • blues 2/10 in line for the next contest
  • classical 1/10 in line for the next contest
  • Country 1/10 for the next contest
  • easy listening 11/10 in line for the next contest
  • electronic 21/10 in line for the next electronic compo-10 - coming up next, please confirm!
  • hip-hop/urban planned for next week 3/10 in line for the next contest
  • jazz 12/10 in line for the next contest
  • latin 6/10
  • metal 4/10 in line for the next contest
  • pop 16/10 in line for the next contest
  • rock 9/10 in line for the next contest
  • world/folk 8/10 songs needed in line the next contest.

http://compo10.com is listed in the YAHOO! directory in good company - Please help by spreading the word so we get enough songs from all genres.
The compo10.com site has had more than 200 000 visitors since it was set up in the beginning of 2003 (although we were closed for the summer).


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Music Hosting services and Web Sites for Musicians, important factsPlease check out my OMD list. When you choose the site/sites for your music consider what is important for you. There are free options and paid accounts, many offer a choice between these two. Do you want to make your music downloadable to the listeners or only offer streams? Do you want to sell records? Do you like radio stations? There are 33 columns with features offered by the different OMD:s in my table. There have been recent additions. The information in the first part of the table has been submitted by representatives from the sites themselves and should be quite reliable.

I'll add more updates and sites as soon as I find the time - thanks to the sites who have provided the information and thank you for your patience. Know of any genre specific OMD:s - drop me a line if you do, thanks!

PS1. Links to:
Czech Instructions, Croatian Instructions, Danish Instructions, Dutch Instructions, English Instructions, Estonian Instructions, Finnish Instructions, French Instructions, target="_blank"German Instructions, Hebrew Instructions, Icelandic Instructions, Italian Instructions, Japanese Instructions, Portuguese Instructions, Russian Instructions, Spanish Instructions, Swedish Instructions, Turkish Instructions can now be found on the stations. If someone is energetic enough to mail me the instructions in other languages you'll make me really happy - as a reward I'll put a link to your artists page: "translation by ...."

PS2. If you get two newsletters by mistake or don't want to get this mail any more please let me know and I'll take You off my list (it won't fill up your mail-box and you'll save me some unnecessary work). Please include the e-mail address this letter comes to in your mail, otherwise I will have difficulties finding you. Thank You!

PS3. If you're in line for the contest and don't know when your song will be featured, please drop me a line. Artists who have been featured in the competition can join again with an other song (there has to be some weeks between the features though for the repertoire to remain interesting). For the same reason you cannot join twice with the same song.