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I Lie a Little by Muddy Fraser

The guitar found it's way into Muddy Fraser's hands when he was 11 years old and living in Ottawa,then Muddy found his way into the guitar, and it's the Vancouver Blues scene that's all the richer for it. Beginning in his early career playing the usual round of high school dances and local functions, it didn't take long before the young guitar player/singer was setting up his gear on more visible stages. At the age of fifteen he played Ottawa's L'Hibou coffee house where he could sit and listen or sit in with blues heroes like Howlin' Wolf,Otis Span,Taj Mahal and James Cotton.

If there had ever been any question as to which direction Muddy would venture musically, those auspicious meetings laid any doubts to rest. Some people are born to play the Blues. Whether he knew it at the time or not, Muddy Fraser was one of them. At age 20, Muddy was playing in The Take It Easy Blues Band with the drummer from Howlin' Wolf's band, who hailed from Chicago. The other guitar player in that band, Jim Prophet, got Muddy into B.B. King's music and Chicago blue-style guitar. Armed with that inspirational honing skills on guitar, blues harp and vocals, Muddy and his band toured Canada and the United States playing the coffeehouse and college circuit.

In 1975, it was Vancouver's turn to discover Muddy when he moved to the West Coast. It didn't take long for the tall man with the Les Paul and the soulful voice to make fans and musicians alike sit up and take notice. He became a familiar presence at Vancouver's premiere blues club, The Yale Hotel, playing with co-founder and bassist for the Powder Blues band Jack Lavin, in the bar's backup band. Together, they supported such established acts as Pinetop Perkins, Taj Mahal, Big Joe Duskin, Guitar Shorty.A.C. Reed and countless other blues greats. " We hosted the jams. We did one on Saturdays and a double on Sundays. Any body that was in town playing, recording or filming would drop in to listen or sit in. I did a few tunes with Gary Busey one time and got to jam with Jimmy Page once. That place meant a lot to me." Muddy recalls fondly.

In 1983 and 1985, Muddy recorded two independent albums with his own band, The Muddy Fraser Band. A credit to his song writing skill that combine traditional blues elements with inspired new material, both albums boast an impressive selection of original tunes. In demand by other local blues musicians, Muddy's contributions can also be heard on several notable recordings. Russell Jackson, who played bass with B.B. King for seven years, made use of Muddy's talents both as a writer and player on his 1993 album,The Alley Man. Muddy's harmonica playing is featured on local artist Tim Hearsey's recently released CD, Close Calls, and he can also be heard on Best Kept Secret,a harp compilation album recorded live at The Yale and distributed by Thumbs Up Music. Currently, Muddy is busy fronting The Muddy Fraser Band, and bringing his own brand of soul satisfying blues to the Vancouver-area clubs. He also spends his time teaching and has recently been making inroads to the film industry, with appearances in several locally shot movies.Muddy has received a diploma in internet development and spends a lot of time making web sites and graphics for c.d.covers.




Winner of
the 17:th Final

More Than Seventeen
Adrina Thorpe

Singer/songwriter and pianist, Adrina Thorpe, is a refreshing sound in adult alternative pop. Her style reflects the softer side of music, but that doesn�t mean it doesn�t shake people up. With a haunting voice and delicate touch at the piano, Adrina captures every audience and sends them on an emotion filled journey with her heartfelt lyrics.

Adrina has been writing songs almost as long as she can remember. Her first song was written on a rainy car ride home when she was six. "All I can remember is looking through the foggy streaked window at little bursts of light outside in the pitch black sky, hearing the sound of the car's engine, and coming up with a song that brought me to tears that night. It was a song about a friend of mine who left our school without ever saying goodbye." From that day on, Adrina�s love of the more introspective melancholy song was established, as Adrina�s list of favorite artists goes to show�

Adrina has been inspired by artists on all ends of the musical spectrum, including Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Five for Fighting, Tori Amos, Paula Cole, Dido, Evanescence and Chantal Kreviazuk, however her sound still retains its uniqueness. This may quite possibly be attributed to the fact that during Adrina�s formative years she was completely immersed in classical music and musical theater. Her debut CD is filled with delicate piano melodies and lush vocals weaving in and out of each other, drifting amid the punchy bass and drum lines. Like paper-thin china�like sunrise on the gray ocean waves�Adrina's melodies captivate listeners with their distinct beauty.




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