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Voice Of The Streets by Preach


Meet the business minded, laid back brother of the bunch who could flow the water out of the pacific easily!!
Preach is a contradiction to what has been experienced in hip hop over the last decade and what we've gotten used to as the norm...
He is no gangster, yet he speaks to and of gangstas. His name is
Preach. Yet he is at times cruder than Dave Chappele drunk at a batchelor party and fully admits that he himself is not a religious person. So he can't be a concious M.C? Right? Wrong.
Preach is defining what is to be a God fearing black man growing up in the inner city workings of the ghetto.
Raised in one of Montreal's grittiest neighborhoods during the coke rush of the 80's, Preach has a different understanding and respect for street life and maintains to relay positive messages within his music.

Blending hip hop, soul and his west indian roots,
Preach brings about a flavour in his music that people of many different backgrounds have a hard time not moving to.

Writing from his heart about topics that are close to his heart, such as single parenting, killings among the youth, domestic violence, sucicidal teens and most of all, his hood,
Preach is poised to rremain as artistic as possible.
Preach is a seasoned performer who always captivates his audience with his charming personality, energetic movements and his unique commanding voice.

Preach performs regularily with a range of live bands in Montreal including 1) The Kalmunity Vibes Collectiv, an organic hip-hop/funk/afro beat collective of musicians, poets, singers and M.C's from his native city, who has allowed him to perform alongside such acts as Zenzile from France, Kali of Kali & Dub , Lillian Allen and The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble which Preach recalls as his most trying yet fulfilling performance " they held a spontaneous on-stage workshop with the whole band in front of a filled concert hall... it was nerv racking at 1st, but seeing where they led us and the dynamics they thaught, in the end it was all worth it".
Preach is also a member of 2) The Soapbox, which is a performance poetry theatre created by Stephen Thomas, geared towards challenging and promoting lyricists, singers and musicians in a improv/spoken word setting and 3) S.H.A/R.(O).N Brooks, who has allowed him to share the stage with her at such venues as the THE JELL-O BAR, Sofa Lounge, Bourbon Street West, Torontos Revival, The recent Funk Soul Festival Club.
Preach can also be heard on S.H.A/R.(O).N'S, upcoming LP "Defining Me" getting a chance to say his piece on S.H.A.R.(O).NS' 1st single Booty Call, and the definitive R&B JAM "Sweet Kisses". Preach has also worked with Stephen Thomas writing and "singing" the hook on "Puff of Smoke". He has also shared studio sessions with such producers as James Disalvio of Bran van 3000 and French superstar Jean Leloup.

Preach has been meticculously working on his solo album "Voice of the Streets" which still has no definite release date, but will be ready by mid 2006. In the meantime he has released his crews debut album Lasalle Chronicles Chapter One, currently only available via internet at -WORLDPHONIC.COM- and peroral sales.

Preach is the future of hip hop muzik.





Winner of
the 17:th Final

More Than Seventeen
Adrina Thorpe

Singer/songwriter and pianist, Adrina Thorpe, is a refreshing sound in adult alternative pop. Her style reflects the softer side of music, but that doesn�t mean it doesn�t shake people up. With a haunting voice and delicate touch at the piano, Adrina captures every audience and sends them on an emotion filled journey with her heartfelt lyrics.

Adrina has been writing songs almost as long as she can remember. Her first song was written on a rainy car ride home when she was six. "All I can remember is looking through the foggy streaked window at little bursts of light outside in the pitch black sky, hearing the sound of the car's engine, and coming up with a song that brought me to tears that night. It was a song about a friend of mine who left our school without ever saying goodbye." From that day on, Adrina�s love of the more introspective melancholy song was established, as Adrina�s list of favorite artists goes to show�

Adrina has been inspired by artists on all ends of the musical spectrum, including Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Five for Fighting, Tori Amos, Paula Cole, Dido, Evanescence and Chantal Kreviazuk, however her sound still retains its uniqueness. This may quite possibly be attributed to the fact that during Adrina�s formative years she was completely immersed in classical music and musical theater. Her debut CD is filled with delicate piano melodies and lush vocals weaving in and out of each other, drifting amid the punchy bass and drum lines. Like paper-thin china�like sunrise on the gray ocean waves�Adrina's melodies captivate listeners with their distinct beauty.




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