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Winner of week 182 Classical Music

REQUIEM FOR PAT & LADY DI by Spiro Cardamis Vocalise by soprano Eleni Calenos



Spiro (second time winner) is a multifaceted musician: pianist/synthesizer player/composer/arranger/producer.
He was born in Athens Greece & has lived in the U.S (New York, New Jersey) since 1986. He performs and works in Metropolitan area as a bandleader or solo pianist.Well acquainted with diverse genres of music especially classical, jazz, pop, Greek and Middle Eastern Spiro has developed a strong & unique personal style both as a performer and composer with emphasis on the spiritual & the mystical.Since 1989 his compositions have been but expressions of the moment as he composes by performing on the spot letting the intelligence of the heart guide him through the process.(....yes....then comes the editing process... but already the main body of the work with the innate energies is there guiding the editing).This is Trancending New Age Music built on a classical foundation and an ultra romantic attitude.

Spiro holds a MM from Eastman School Of Music & his music has been performed or heard at diverse places like New York Hall of Science,Boston University,New York Open Center & night clubs,Hospitals,New Age Transformational Workshops,N.Y & Athens radio, N.Y.Public t.v(ch 16),Taz Mahal(Atlantic City),ArtMusicCoffeehouse (internet webcast)etc. In 1998 the documentary "GREEK AMERICANS", produced by George Veras (producer of video concerts of YANNI, NANA MOUSCHOURI etc.) was presented by WLIW ch21, featuring Spiro's well-known hit "WE THE HELLENES".While in Greece he was awarded 1st prize by the Ministry of Culture for his Chamber music & taught Advanced Theory & Orchestration Techniques at  the NATIONAL CONSERVATORY in Athens.

His musical output includes: CD "Of Mystic Places & Troubadours" (1991 re-released in 2004 with new cover art,graphics & mastering) - CD "Soothing to the Savage Beast" (1994) - CASSETTE "VOYAGE '89" (1989) -
CASSETTE "Mystic Transportation" (1989)-CASSETTE "We the Hellenes" (1997). Check WWW.CDBABY.COM for his CDs.

Both as a composer & a pianist Spiro received raving reviews by the hard to please Internet Reviewing Site for his compositions "NEW MILLENNIUM" (),"VOYAGE'89" () ,his piano composition "BEAST & THE BEAUTY" () as well as his original rendition of Jazz Standard "HARLEM NOCTURNE" ()

Spiro has led the the following musical groups:

DREAMBAND: 4 piece band with dancer (Shamira Shahinian) 1993, to perform Spiro's New Age music.

2ND & 3RD GENERATION:8 piece band along with 4 young Greek American singers of 2nd or 3rd generation to perform Spiro's Greek music on poetry by Dino Makropoulos (1997).

DREAMBAND 2004: 9 piece band with special guests soprano Julie Ziavras,tenor Yianni Papastefanou & middle eastern dancer Amira Mor who performed his music at the club SATALLA in Manhattan,June 8 2004. The concert was given in celebration of the Hellenic spirit & the Olympic Games.To watch the clips go to :

The release of his 3rd CD "SPIRO" (coming soon) will close a trilogy of deeply spiritual music that started off in 1989 with his very successful healing piece VOYAGE'89. Visit his website at as well as his internet radio TRANSCENDING NEW AGE at:



Winner of
the 17:th Final

More Than Seventeen
Adrina Thorpe

Singer/songwriter and pianist, Adrina Thorpe, is a refreshing sound in adult alternative pop. Her style reflects the softer side of music, but that doesn�t mean it doesn�t shake people up. With a haunting voice and delicate touch at the piano, Adrina captures every audience and sends them on an emotion filled journey with her heartfelt lyrics.

Adrina has been writing songs almost as long as she can remember. Her first song was written on a rainy car ride home when she was six. "All I can remember is looking through the foggy streaked window at little bursts of light outside in the pitch black sky, hearing the sound of the car's engine, and coming up with a song that brought me to tears that night. It was a song about a friend of mine who left our school without ever saying goodbye." From that day on, Adrina�s love of the more introspective melancholy song was established, as Adrina�s list of favorite artists goes to show�

Adrina has been inspired by artists on all ends of the musical spectrum, including Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Five for Fighting, Tori Amos, Paula Cole, Dido, Evanescence and Chantal Kreviazuk, however her sound still retains its uniqueness. This may quite possibly be attributed to the fact that during Adrina�s formative years she was completely immersed in classical music and musical theater. Her debut CD is filled with delicate piano melodies and lush vocals weaving in and out of each other, drifting amid the punchy bass and drum lines. Like paper-thin china�like sunrise on the gray ocean waves�Adrina's melodies captivate listeners with their distinct beauty.




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