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Every week we feature 10 artists on Compo-10.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. Check out the winners of the previous contests. Enjoy a selection made by fellow artists Click to listen!

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Only the artists featured send in their votes - Your placement doesn't depend on how many friends you have like in many online contests. Artists can join with music from any site where music can be easily downloaded/streamed.
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During weeks 101 - 140 the weekly contests will feature songs from the same genre only (alternative, blues, classical, country, easy listening, electronic, hip hop/rap/urban, jazz, latin, metal, pop/rock or world/folk )


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Detailed results from all the weeks
Top-3 from all the weeks

WINNER OF WEEK 133 pop/rock music:

Just for a day by SOWATT

SOWATT A Brief History

- The band’s debut dates back to 1999

- They landed their first record deal in 2001 with Les Productions Guy Cloutier (PGC), an independent QUEBEC based record company

- Recently, signed the single “Qui a le droit” with Pama Records, a Paris based French record company

- SOWATT’s first album (in French) was released in April 2003 and generated enough interest to attract over 25,000 different fans to its web site (www.sowatt.com) and has more than 10,000 members in their fan club. The band has acquired a solid experience through the years, performing mostly in English on the Quebec music scene, playing in front of thousands of people and winning several contests. SOWATT offers a commercial power pop rock sound with strong melodies and a high energy level. The band has recently decided to end its relation with PGC (Les Productions) and concentrate their efforts on their English material.

SOWATT Live experience

- The band has performed over 90 shows in 2003-2004 and over 200 since 1999

- The band did a 5 month tour, playing in 70 Quebec high schools in 2003

- The band performed as the opening act in the last year for SIMPLE PLAN, DAVID USHER, APRIL WINE and other local French artists

SOWATT TV Experience

- The band performed in 2 different tv shows at “Palmares” on the French CBC network Montreal, 2003 (over 300 000 thousands viewers)

- The band performed at the “ Telethon Enfant Soleil,” Quebec, 2003 (over 1 million viewers)

- The band performed at the “Telethon pour la recherché sur les maladies infantiles,” Montreal, 2003 (over 1 million viewers). The band performed at “La Méga-Fureur” on CBC, presented at Quebec Coliseum, 2002 (over 1 million viewers)

- The band performed live at “Musique Plus”




Winner of
the 13:th Final

Signs are Everywhere
by Jenny Bruce
and Noel Cohen

Bruce's work has been recognized with numerous songwriting awards from Billboard to John Lennon while her recordings have been placed in multiple network TV shows as well as in several acclaimed independent films.

Noel Cohen has had songs recorded by the Late Great Phyllis Hyman, elektra artist Vitamin C on her Platinum selling debut, indie rocker Ivy Markaity on her National records
releases and English pop diva Lara Nahum.


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