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Every week we feature 10 artists on Compo-10.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. Check out the winners of the previous contests

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Detailed results from all the weeks
Top-3 from all the weeks

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Adrian SchubertWINNER OF WEEK 129 Electronic Music:

lunik: weather (sticky shadows remix - beta version" by Adrian Schubert!

A cocktail of the melodic and the pulsing, the harmonic and the ethereal. Progressive electronica is Adrian Schubert's main calling, but more and more experiments in classical music are weaving their way into his collection of creations. Inspired by out-of-this-world beats and sounds which are the children of electronic instruments, but also by the structures and complexity of the likes of the baroque masters. Main influences are Delerium, Plaid, Bola, and Bach.

Brought up in Canada, living in Europe since 1995. Fell in love with synthesizers in the eighties, played classical piano for 10 years. Adrian has done mainly music for fun, but also for his brother's short films, plus some remixes for the groups Delerium and Lunik. Always in search of new sounds and ideas. It just has to be exciting, or beautiful, or both.
Adrian has always been in love with electronic rhythms and the electronic sound textures possible with synthesizers, and having been exposed to music through ten years of piano lessons, now and then he spends some time laying down some tracks using his Roland XP-80 and D-70, Reaktor, Sonar, Making Waves (sample sequencer). His musical style varies from upbeat funky sort of stuff to slow, more textural soundscapes.

In 2003 Adrian not only won the rights to appear on a Delerium CD, he also remixed a song by the Swiss group Lunik, called Weather. The label decided to release a different single last-minute though, so his remix is as of yet unreleased. It can be heard under 'Lunik / Remix' at their web site - Adrian's remixes are the "Schubert" and "Sticky Shadows" mixes. Most recently, Adrian Schubert's classical song Un Sogno Barocco (Allegretto) was used by the Dove soap company for a radio spot in Bulgaria and Romania in 2004(!)

Gods of Music, a review site for online musicians, rated Adrian's song 'or:aural' a 9.9/10. Read the review.

If you're interested in buying a copy of Adrian Schubert's CD, please don't hesitate! Contact him directly, or buy it through ampcast.com. They do a great pro job at creating, wrapping, and delivering it... for a few bucks.


Winner of
the 12:th Final

The Longest Mile
by Jenny Bruce

Few independent artists have managed to obtain the level of exposure Bruce has achieved since the release of her first album in 1997. Bruce's work has been recognized with numerous songwriting awards from Billboard to John Lennon while her recordings have been placed in multiple network TV shows as well as in several acclaimed independent films. A 1999 Lilith Fair Talent Search finalist, she has garnered attention from major music industry publications for her work, including Billboard Magazine. "Home" from her 2001 release, "Soul On Fire" was included as the only track from an "unsigned" artist on Martha Stewart's recent compilation CD featuring Alison Krauss, Barenaked Ladies, Lucinda Williams as well as other well known artists.


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