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Current Contest



Every week we feature 10 artists on Compo-10.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. Check out the winners of the previous contests Click to listen!

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Only the artists featured send in their votes - Your placement doesn't depend on how many friends you have like in many online contests. Artists can join with music from any site where music can be easily downloaded/streamed.
Check out the instructions (in seventeen languages) at this page.

During weeks 101 - 170 the weekly contests will feature songs from the same genre only (alternative, blues, classical, country, easy listening, electronic, hip hop/rap/urban, jazz, latin, metal, pop/rock or world/folk )

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Detailed results from all the weeks
Top-3 from all the weeks

The winners of the finals!



In the first round it was Tommy Henriksen's "Tell Me Why"(Capitol Records). His song "I See The Sun" was featured in the 1999 Alicia Silverstone/Brendan Fraser flick Blast From The Past. Tommy's song got an excellent mean of 1.75 in Original Compo-10, week 5! (theoretical best 1.00, worst 9.00) Check him out!


In the second round it was Tinkara Kovac's "Lahhieeyeee". Tinkara is a singer and flutist from Slovenia. Despite her youth she has already been awarded with many prestigious Slovene and international prizes. You can also find her music on MP3.com's World wide Music CD. Check her out!
In the third round the winner was "Sungames" by Sangit Om, a German New Age / World Fusion composer , producer and flutist. His music is created with a piece of bamboo with seven holes and nothing else - listen to the miracles that human breath can perform with it!”
The winner of the forth final was Sinq from the Netherlands. His song "Number One" got an incredible mean of 1.33 (7 first places!) in Original Compo-10, week 34.
The winner of the fifth final was DENI* from USA with the song "No Explanations". DENi has scored a few movies in a very sparce style including "5 Years" which was directed by Brett Wagner and won the best feature prize at the Victoria Film Festival.
The winner of the sixth Original Compo-10 final was Dolly Rappaport from USA. The winning song was "Hold Me Closer". The music of Dolly and Mitch is hailed in a multiple of sites - three times a winner in MakeaStar.com,winner in the Battle of the Bands, success in MP3 Grammy Awards, great reviews in Gods of Music, featured on Women of MP3.com...
The winner of the seventh final was "Call the Rain" by SPIRIT-CREEK. MTV Online selected Spirit Creek as "Band to watch in the year 2000." Yahoo's! 2002 Online Music Award's selected them out of 5300 bands Nationwide as their "Best Unsigned Artist In America."

The winner of the eight final was *Nemo* by Gazpacho. As an independent band running operations from their studio in Norway, Gazpacho have received offers for distribution in Asia and North America as well as radioplay in the USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan and Mexico... Nemo and Sea of Tranquility have both won MakeaStar.com finals this year.




The winner of the ninth final was "Jessica" by Hamilton UK.
London's Hamilton centres around the New Zealand song smith Mat White, with influences including the likes of Neil Finn, Toploader & Five For Fighting Hamilton's songwriting partnerships have so far included Alex Von Soos: a Universal Music Publishing signing & co- writer of the All Saints UK # 1 hit "Black Coffee", writer / producer Joe Cang, best known for penning another UK # 1,"Shine" from Aswad and producer Martyn Phillips, who produced US number 1 hits for Jesus Jones and London Beat in the early nineties and who more recently, worked on the last Bryan Adams album and the up coming Datsuns DVD release. A debut album is in the pipeline, with a scheduled April release looking likely. In the meantime, live dates continue in London and Germany.


The winner of the 10:th final was "breath bated" by Shelley Dael Walker.
Instrumentation: Shelley Dael Walker~vocals, guitar and piano
Her first solo EP, precluding her forthcoming full length, quickly received airplay on 103.7 The Mountain. Shelley’s debut solo album, Stitches and Skin, is a collection of skillfully written and delivered songs that are lush, innovative and memorable.
Shelley is a native of Seattle, Washington. Her travels within the United States and abroad have contributed her appreciation of culture and diversity.



The winner of the 11th round was "November Moon" by Lindsay Wynn. This singer/songwriter is making her presence felt in South Florida in addition to creating a buzz throughout the music industry. Involved in music all of her life, this talented and sensual artist has drawn from widespread influences (everything from Fiona Apple to Ella Fitzgerald to The Grateful Dead) to create a new sound which is both unique and hauntingly unforgettable. Not just another pretty face, this accomplished pianist and guitarist has teamed up with writer/producer Pete Masitti (Hootie and the Blowfish, Julio Iglesias Jr.) to create her debut EP (to be released December 2003) as a precursor to her full length album. Keeping the emphasis on delivering stirring live performances, Lindsay continues to excite and enamor audiences at each and every show.




The winner of the 12:th final was The Longest Mile by Jenny Bruce and Noel Cohen. Few independent artists have managed to obtain the level of exposure Bruce has achieved since the release of her first album in 1997. Bruce's work has been recognized with numerous songwriting awards from Billboard to John Lennon while her recordings have been placed in multiple network TV shows as well as in several acclaimed independent films. A 1999 Lilith Fair Talent Search finalist, she has garnered attention from major music industry publications for her work, including Billboard Magazine. "Home" from her 2001 release, "Soul On Fire" was included as the only track from an "unsigned" artist on Martha Stewart's recent compilation CD featuring Alison Krauss, Barenaked Ladies, Lucinda Williams as well as other well known artists.

While busy touring, writing or recording, Jenny has always found time to contribute her talents to multiple charitable organizations and events. She has donated her songs to compilation CDs for Children's International, The Garland Appeal for Breast Cancer and Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse. She has recorded a song for Hospital Assistance and was flown to France to sing, in French, a song written for the 25th anniversary of Handicap International.



The winner of the thirteenth final was Signs are Everywhere
by Jenny Bruce
and Noel Cohen

Bruce's work has been recognized with numerous songwriting awards from Billboard to John Lennon while her recordings have been placed in multiple network TV shows as well as in several acclaimed independent films.

Noel Cohen has had songs recorded by the Late Great Phyllis Hyman, elektra artist Vitamin
C on her Platinum selling debut, indie rocker Ivy Markaity on her National records
releases and English pop diva Lara Nahum.



The winner of the fourteenth final was
Just for a day by Sowatt

SOWATT’s first album (in French) was released in April 2003 and generated enough interest to attract over 25,000 different fans to their web site (www.sowatt.com) . Sowatt has more than 10,000 fan club members. They landed their first record deal in 2001 with Les Productions Guy Cloutier (PGC), an independent QUEBEC based record company. Recently, signed the single “Qui a le droit” with Pama Records, a Paris based French record company.





The winner of the fifteenth final was I Remember the Music by Rick Monroe

After 2 years of working with several Producers, Musicians, Studios and in a few different States, Monroe has finished his long awaited 3rd full length CD "Against the Grain." The first single "I Remember The Music" was written by: Ashley Gorley & Wade Kirby and produced by Clyde Brooks. He has recorded and released two previous albums on his own independent label, Divorce Records. Monroe's first album, "Legend's Diner" charted two singles from that on the Gavin AC chart. His second album, "Shame" blending roots rock, country and Texas soul. That album produced another single ("Can I Call You Home") that reached #19 on the Gavin AC chart. To date, the two independent records released by Rick have sold over 30,000 units. Monroe has an extensive touring history both domestically and internationally with an impressive list of countries performed in. He has played: Russia, Bosnia, Kosovo Macedonia, Hungry, Honduras, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Germany and England in addition to the United States.



The winner of the 16:th final was Wake Up the Dead
by: Reed Foehl.

Foehl, who collectively sold over 100,000 records with his former band, Acoustic Junction, is releasing his first solo record, Spark, which will be available in stores nationwide May 18, 2004. The young singersongwriter's eight-year commitment with Acoustic Junction lead him through the release of five records, one major label and one independent label record deal, and over 1200 live performances. With the December 10, 2003 launch of his start-up label, NEVER-FOEHL Records, the former Acoustic Junction frontman is adhering to his independent spirit by issuing Spark the old-fashioned way: on his own.
Throughout his musical career, Foehl has shared the stage with such legendary artists as Dave Matthews, Patti Griffin, Taj Mahal, David Lindley, Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic, Guster, Howie Day, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. In addition to performing with renowned artists, Foehl has also recorded with such industry greats as Graham Nash, Morphine drummer Billy Conway, Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff and Hall and Oates bass player T-Bone Walk.
Making way to the small screen in 2003, music from Spark has been featured on Dawson's Creek television series and second-season DVD, as well as CBS's Joan of Arcadia and Fox's Party of Five DVD.




 Who will be voted best of 100 artists in the 17:th final?



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