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Every week we feature 10 artists on Compo10.com.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. Check out the winners of the previous contests Click to listen!

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Detailed results from all the weeks
Top-3 from all the weeks

Janet Murphy

WINNER OF WEEK 88: Out of Step by Janet Murphy

While Janet was busy raising 4 children, she’d vent her emotions with songwriting. Her husband, Tim, would hear her at the piano and said, "We need to record you". Janet wasn’t all that interested but went along with it. She then began to grow as a songwriter and with the advent of MIDI, Janet enjoyed finally being able to add the other sounds she heard in her head.

Years later, the miracle of the Internet allowed Janet to be heard around the world. As an added bonus, she was able to meet other musicians and do collaborations with them. "Out of Step", this week’s winning song, is one of them. Janet met Milo Black of England a few years ago. (www.soundclick.com/miloblack ). She heard one of his songs, "The Arch", which was solely an instrumental. While listening, Janet was drawn into Milo’s dreamy sounds and found herself singing another melody to it. She was inspired with deep, heartfelt lyrics and called the song "Flowers and Lace". She nervously sent the files to Milo who was very pleased with what she had done with his instrumental. A few years later he sent her 2 of his songs to see if she had any interest in singing them. "Out of Step" became a collaboration that was co-written, as both she and Milo worked together on the music and lyrics. Janet’s voice and Milo’s guitar beautifully compliment each other. Janet says, "It really is a miracle to do a song with someone on the other side of the ocean whom you have never met, and merely send the files back and forth to each other via the Internet. Who would have ever thought that possible years ago?"

Janet’s music is most aptly described as "message music". Her compositions involve not only secular themes, but deep spiritual themes as well. Her fan mail consistently tells her, "You made me think". This gives Janet great satisfaction to realize that her music can have that effect. She has a unique voice which one fan described as a "satin shawl draped over an Arabian horse". Many can hear strains of Joni Mitchell in her music with her personal, thought-provoking lyrics and jazzy phrasing. Janet considers that a real honor, as she credits Joni with giving her much of the inspiration which led to her becoming a songwriter.

Winner of
the 11:th Final

November Moon by Lindsay Wynn

This singer/songwriter is making her presence felt in South Florida in addition to creating a buzz throughout the music industry. Involved in music all of her life, this talented and sensual artist has drawn from widespread influences (everything from Fiona Apple to Ella Fitzgerald to The Grateful Dead) to create a new sound which is both unique and hauntingly unforgettable. Not just another pretty face, this accomplished pianist and guitarist has teamed up with writer/producer Pete Masitti (Hootie and the Blowfish, Julio Iglesias Jr.) to create her debut EP (to be released December 2003) as a precursor to her full length album. Keeping the emphasis on delivering stirring live performances, Lindsay continues to excite and enamor audiences at each and every show.


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