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Bob Gatewood

WINNER OF WEEK 87 : Bob Gatewood
Some of Nashville's top session cats got together for a great new CD with a Great Lakes artist, Bob Gatewood. Gatewood is a multi-instrumentalist/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer from Cleveland, Ohio who has found his sanctuary and inspiration on a Great Lakes Island retreat, Put-in-Bay. He performs concerts with his band Calabash around the midwest and records in Nashville, TN. He was also justawarded as Cleveland Scene Magazine's Best Singer/Songwriter for 2002!

Recording: Tom Bukovac- producer/guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist Joe Vitale- drums, Will Owsley- guitar, Mark Jordan- piano, David Santos- bass, Troy Johnson- backing vocals, Shawn Ficter, Engineers- Paul Hager, Rock DeLima, Tom Bethel Touring- Phil Talbot- Bass, Keith Wiley- Keys, Wes McCraw- Guitar, Michael Papatonis- Drums.


"FINALLY HOME got it's start when I started thinking about how so much of who I am, came from where I grew up, and before I knew it, I was back in the old neighborhood looking around. A lot of these songs are about home in one form or another. I hope you can find a bit of home right here.

I sang lead and played some acoustic and electric guitars, as did an old hometown friend TOM BUKOVAC. Tom was in the Calabash band back in the early 90's. He has since made quite a name for himself down in Nashville as a session guitar player and has also toured with Wynonna and John Fogerty. He offered to produce my latest batch of songs and invited me down there to start work on it. Tom is the best guitar player I've worked with, a multi-instrumentalist, Tom can do it all in the studio with a flair for creativity and the technical ability to back it up. The band he assembled to record the album was no less than stellar. If you counted the million selling albums these guys have played on, you would be around a hundred!

I first heard of JOE VITALE growing up like most everybody else did on the radio. I first met him a year or so ago at Christmas when Tommy, myself, Phil, Steve Kinsella, and Joe had an impromptu gig at an East side club. We called it Cowboy Woody, I think after my old softball nickname. We just jammed and I thought it was great. I had no idea I'd be making a record with him a couple years later! Joe became a rock icon playing drums on all the Joe Walsh records as well as several with Crosby, Stills and Nash, and the Eagles just to name a few. All the guys in the band were super nice, but Joe's generosity towards my music was amazing. He was a big help in the mastering process and he really believes in this project.

Aside from that he brought JOE VITALE JR., his multi-talented son who not only played percussion, but also helped with the graphics ideas. Joe Jr. is building himself a name recording and producing sound libraries for the computer age. The two of them laid down some grooves that could only come from a father-son team of this caliber.

On piano and keyboards we had another legend, MARK JORDAN. Mark has led a distinguished career on the road and in the studio with Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Dave Mason, again, just to name a few. He has writing credits with everyone from Taj Mahal to the Carpenter's. He has played on dozens of hit records, written, produced and arranged page after page of recordings in your music collection. He's at the top of the game, 'nuff said.

On Bass, DAVID SANTOS. When he is not recording international jingles for Coca-Cola, HBO and Sports Illustrated. In his spare time he makes music with people like James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, and Elton John. He's a member of the Billy Joel Band, which is one of the best sounding bands in the world. He is also a writer. I read articles in music trade magazines every month about him or by him.

One of the greatest thrills was to work with WILL OWSLEY. I'll try and make it brief. I got a CD a while back that knocked me out. It was Owsley's debut. It was a good as record as I have ever heard. It was nominated for a Grammy. It was how I wanted to sound - who wouldn't? When Tom told me that Will was interested in being in on the session, I could hardly believe it. Some of the coolest riffs on the record come right off his hands. Prediction by Bob: The next Owsley record will go Platinum! Congratulations on your new baby boy!

TROY JOHNSON sang the harmonies and there are some great performances, like in the middle of Blades on the water.

After the session was over, we decided to change two arrangements and drummer SHAWN FICHTER came in and knocked them out.

The recording engineer was RICK DELIMA, an acclaimed artist, killer guitar player, all-around nice guy and great tracking engineer. He even added in a vocal harmony here and there. It was in his lair that this thing happened.

MILLS LOGAN did some excellent touch-up work and he's quick like a SWAT team. TOM BETHEL did the mastering, and as a great mastering engineer does - he did only what was needed. It didn't need a lot, so rather than stepping on it heavily, he just cleared the footprints so you could find the path.

PAUL HAGER did the mixing, and if he did all records, the world would be a better place to listen. He took a great recording and made it way, way, way better. I never knew it would turn out this good!

I met so many other cool people while I was down there like JT Riboloff and Rick Vito - Rick Vito played with Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown and Bob Seger among others.

I am very thankful to have worked with all these great talents. There are a lot of people to thank but I'll start by thanking you if you get a copy of my new record, I promise that you won't regret it."

Bob Gatewood.


Winner of the eight final.

As an independent band running operations from their studio, Gazpacho have received offers for distribution in Asia and North America as well as radioplay in the USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan and Mexico.. Nemo and Sea of Tranquility have both won Makeastar finals this year.



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