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Every week we feature 10 artists on the mp3.com radiostation Original Compo-10.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. You can find the previous Compo-10 winners at the station "".

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Naomi Carmack

Naomi Carmack's song "Alive" was voted best song in Original Compo-10, week 61. You can listen to "Alive" and 15 other songs by Naomi on SoundClick

23 year old singer/songwriter Naomi Carmack is from Canada. Naomi has been writing music and dedicating herself to her passion since she was 10 years old.

When Naomi was 11 years old, she and her friends started a little singing group called "New Release". A typical pop girlband. They basically giggled, fooled around a little with writing songs and recorded one song in a studio. They were New Kids On The Block fans and their first (and only) song recorded was inspired by one of the members of that group - Jordan Knight.

New Release started to drift in separate directions and eventually ditched the whole idea. Some members didn't take the gig seriously. Naomi did. She decided she was not going to give up on the dreams they had shared and the music she wrote. Naomi wanted to go somewhere with this.

At 12 years old, Naomi had written another song that she really believed had potential. It was a dance/hip hop tune called "Be My Baby". Naomi didn't have enough money to get herself into a real studio, but with the financial support of family, she recorded this song on a $200 budget (this was September 1991, things were a bit cheaper back then, but this was still DIRT CHEAP!)

"Be My Baby" was recorded in one night. Another man recording his own rap tracks had stopped by for a listen. Naomi asked him if he would contribute a rap in the song and he gladly helped. He said he'd do it overnight and by the time she came back to hear the final cut it would be there. Him and a friend wrote and recorded a rap for the song. Naomi gives credit to the man who produced it for such a deal - Fred "Lovelace" Pradel.

The song turned out better than expected. Yet after being recorded, it sat around in her possession for two years. Naomi sent it to a few record labels, but only received letters telling her they didn't accept unsolicited material.

In 1993, the local Top 40 radio station Power 92.5 FM held a contest called the Powermix. They were accepting demos of local artists to find new talent. Naomi thought it was worth a shot, and entered "Be My Baby".

Naomi won third place.

One of the proudest moments at this point in her career. She was ecstatic. Naomi won $2000 in prize money and the song was put on a compilation CD released in local record stores. The proceeds went to AIDS Research. The two other artists featured were second place Rebecca Sather with "Never Leave Me" and first place went to Nicole Jones with "Start Love Over".

One of the biggest thrills for Naomi was meeting Canada's top DJ - Chris Sheppard. He is the dance music authority in Canada and was once in B.K.S.. Now his new project is Love Inc., a successful Canadian dance act. Chris remixed the tracks for the CD. Each winning demo was to have the original plus two remixes done by Sheppard. This was very exciting, except for the fact that two years beforehand when Naomi recorded "Be My Baby", She had never purchased the master reel...bad mistake. She went back to the studio and they informed her that the reel no longer existed. Without this master, the song could not be stripped down to it's elements and be remixed. She still got on the album with the one track - the original demo. Shep expressed that it was a raw deal that he couldn't work on Naomi's song, but he was wonderful nonetheless. Naomi attended one of his workshops on music production and the Canadian music industry while he was in town doing promotion for the Powermix.

The CD was completed and released in Spring 1994. Now Naomi was 15 and her voice had matured from the "Be My Baby" recording! It strengthened and her passion for singing had grown much more. It wasn't a sales success but a personal success for Naomi. A start to something that many people dream about and never do.

The next milestone was almost a year down the line, when an online pal emailed Naomi and congratulated her on her nomination. "What are you talking about?" Naomi wondered. She opened the newspaper to read that she was nominated in the Best Dance/Rap Artist catagory of the Alberta Recording Industry Awards 1995. THAT was something else. Like they always say, it was just an honour to be nominated - and Naomi swears that's the truth. She never got the chance to go to the Awards ceremony and didn't win, but some people out there actually knew her name.

This year Naomi had the opportunity of meeting Corey Johnson and Mike Bidlock, two excellent Edmonton producers. Since March, they've written and completed about 10-12 songs. Now Naomi uses the internet for as much promotion as possible.

"This is my goal and no matter what I end up doing, whether it be music management, recording engineering, roadie (well maybe not roadie) or the true dreams of singing and songwriting, I want to make my career in this business. My true success is the enjoyment I recieve from doing what I love, and letting my voice and words touch the hearts of others and leave smiles on their faces."

Naomi Carmack

Winner of the eight final.

As an independent band running operations from their studio, Gazpacho have received offers for distribution in Asia and North America as well as radioplay in the USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan and Mexico.. Nemo and Sea of Tranquility have both won Makeastar finals this year.



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