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Every week we feature 10 artists on Compo10.com.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. Check out the winners of the previous contests Click to listen!

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Detailed results from all the weeks
Top-3 from all the weeks

WINNER OF WEEK 58 : Neil Rambaldi

Neil Rambaldi's song "Speechless" was the winner of Original Compo-10, week 58.

Guitarist, Solo Artist, Composer, and Producer are all familiar titles for Neil Rambaldi. This Jersey-born virtuoso is constantly being recognized and called upon by some of the biggest names in the business for his raw musical talent and mastery of many genres, not to mention endlessly captivating new fans from every corner of the globe. Neil has been seen on the cover of East Coast Rocker (NY/NJ/CT, USA), as well as featured in numerous other music publications including 20th Century Guitar Magazine (USA/Canada), Strutter Magazine (Holland), Tonos.com (USA), and Guitar Chef (Italy) to name a few. He was also voted out of hundreds of guitarists in North America as a finalist in 2001 by legendary guitarist Steve Vai in a contest sponsored by Ibanez guitars and Tonos.

In 2002, Neil released his self-produced solo debut album PERPETUAL HORIZON, which has garnered rave press reviews virtually instantly around the world and has established him as a groundbreaking guitarist and solo artist in the Instrumental Progressive Hard Rock genre, possessing a twist of World and Blues styles along with him. As the accolades keep piling, the highly-acclaimed PERPETUAL HORIZON has also been nominated for the "2003 CD of the Year" award on Kweevak.com. As an independent record released on Neil’s very own Prismism Music, PERPETUAL HORIZON is currently selling units to five continents via internet sales and is getting FM radio airplay in France, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and domestically in the New York and Boston areas. PERPETUAL HORIZON is being carried by Guitar9.com and select Tower Records locations.

While currently performing solo tour dates in the northeast U.S. with his incredible live quartet, Neil also works in between as a session guitarist and producer where he is based in the New York area. He has toured with various artists from the U.S. and has performed at some of the most notable venues in the northeast including The World (New York), CBGB’s (New York), The Continental (New York), and Berklee Performance Center (Boston). Neil has been seen performing on national television while touring with Universal Records (USA) recording artist Lilian Garcia on the networks TNN, Univision, WWOR, and has opened for other national acts such as Firehouse and Randy Jackson while touring as the lead guitarist and music director with former Now & Then/Frontier Records (Italy) recording artist John Taglieri. He has produced several commercial recordings aside from his own including the internationally released Rivera/Bomma album Invisible Force on Secret Port Records (Greece) which is being distributed throughout Europe, Japan, South America, Central America, the USA and Canada. Neil has also appeared on some records as a session guitarist alongside talents such as guitarist Larry Chaney (Edwin McCain) and vocalist John Taglieri.

With all of this under his belt in such a short time, the only direction is "up" for Neil Rambaldi as his incredible musical genius and guitar prowess continue to spin heads.

"We need to keep our eyes wide open for this talented man."
-Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter Magazine (Holland)

"Monster electric guitar chops."
-Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine (USA/Canada)

"Grande chitarrista, da avere!" / "Great guitarist, to have!"
-Matt Cafissi, Guitar Chef (Italy)

"His songwriting skills and musical abilities are top-notch. Rambaldi creates a rich and full sound that should appeal to more than guitar players."
-Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility.org (USA)

Neil Rambaldi - Guitarist / Solo Artist, Composer, Producer
< visit: www.neilrambaldi.com >


Winner of
the 11:th Final

November Moon by Lindsay Wynn

This singer/songwriter is making her presence felt in South Florida in addition to creating a buzz throughout the music industry. Involved in music all of her life, this talented and sensual artist has drawn from widespread influences (everything from Fiona Apple to Ella Fitzgerald to The Grateful Dead) to create a new sound which is both unique and hauntingly unforgettable. Not just another pretty face, this accomplished pianist and guitarist has teamed up with writer/producer Pete Masitti (Hootie and the Blowfish, Julio Iglesias Jr.) to create her debut EP (to be released December 2003) as a precursor to her full length album. Keeping the emphasis on delivering stirring live performances, Lindsay continues to excite and enamor audiences at each and every show.

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