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Every week we feature 10 artists on Original Compo-10.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. Check out the winners of the previous contests. Enjoy a selection made by fellow artists Click to listen!

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(formerly The Pipers)
"Baby Killer" was the winner of Original Compo-10, week 36!

Mike Arab: Vocals/Bass
Leo Adhami: Keyboards
Faris Faris: Drums
Tel/Fax 06-205-732, E-mail: clcenter@cyberia.net.lb

The Band's Story:

D.T.A is made of a bunch of guys who love and respect one another, and we all know that with love and respect a band can get somewhere, but of course it took a couple of years for us to find each other. The guys in the band also have to dream and follow their dreams with hard work, hoping that one day, their dreams can become a reality and we all know that if we don't dream, we die. It's that simple.

I still remember so vividly when I received a phone call from someone telling me that he was trying to put a band together and he'd like me to be the drummer and he said that he heard from some people that I had just arrived from New York and that I was also looking for a bunch of serious and talented guys to start a band. Well, I guess moments like that cannot be forgotten.

The next day we got together and I decided to give it a try and see if the guys were really up to the task. It took a couple of years full of misery and despair for me to finally put my foot down and say that the situation has gotten out of hand and certain people in the band have to go their separate way because they have become an obstacle and a huge burden and the band could not continue that way.

To make a long story short, Here we are today with our first CD (Cloudy Sky). We have also finished making our first video for our song Addict that won the admiration of all music lovers of all ages. The video is being shown on most TV stations. If you'd like to see it, contact the station you watch.

You know, making music is a wonderful thing but it's also a big responsibility and without being a great human being, you cannot create great music.

Truly Yours

The Bands History:

The Band's Gigs, Concerts and Appearances:

# 40 Aug-07-2003 Our first gig at the Poulpo Club in Ehden
# 39 June-27-2003 Grand Opening of El-Safeer Heleopolitan Hotel,
El-Rawsheh, Beirut
# 38 June-24-2003 The interview on Tele Liban
Watched world wide
# 37 June-22-2003 The premier of our first video for the song (Addict) on Tele Liban
Watched world wide
# 36 June-21-2003 El-Rabita El-Thakafiyeh's (Music Day)
# 35 May-10-2003 Actel's concert
# 34 May-10-2003 The interview on Radio Pax 103.3
The North
# 33 Feb-08-2003 The Peak Hall Anti Drug Song Competition-Beirut
# 32 Aug-25- 2002 Bsharree's Festival
# 31 June-7- 2002 Miss Balamand Pageant at Las Salinas
# 30 May-31-2002 The Khalil Fattal awards at Kasslik University
# 29 May-18-2002 The Grand Opening of Thunder City (Beit El-fann)
# 28 May-13-2002 The N.D.U Concert in El-Koura.
# 27 Feb-14-2002 The Strand Street concert in El-Hamra. Beirut
# 26 Nov-02-2001 The Peak Hall concert-Beirut
# 25 Sep-07-2001 The island concert at Beit El-Fann with
# 24 Aug-26-2001 The Nagham Street in Bsharree
Bsharree's festival
# 23 Aug-23-2001 The Hectic Club in Kasslik
# 22 July-12-2001 The Hectic Club in Kasslik
# 21 June-27-2001 The Medusa Club in Jounieh-2nd gig
# 20 June-22-2001 C.D.C Graduation Party at the City Theatre in Beirut.
# 19 June-04-2001 The Medusa Club in Jounieh-1st gig
# 18 May-11-2001 Our first concert at the Quality Inn Hotel in El-Mina.
# 17 Jan -6-2001 The appearance on MTV's Music show.
Watched world wide
# 16 Oct 14/15-2000 The Music Factory Studio. Started at 9:00 P.M Sat and finished at 8:30 Sunday morning.
# 15 Aug-5-2000 Beirut rocks (Johnny rockets parking lot) in Beirut. Future TV.
# 14 May-12-2000 The battle of the bands (The hard rock café) Beirut.
Sponsored by Future TV and MTV.
# 13 Dec- 30-1999 The new year's concert at the house of art (El-Mina.)
# 12 Dec- 23-1999 The N.D.U Concert in El-Koura.
# 11 Dec-19-1999 The A.U.B Concert in Beirut.
# 10 June-18-1999 International Music Day - Rachid Karameh's International exhibition center.
# 9 May-28-1999 The Bandwagon - Centre Universitaire Technique - Deddeh.
# 8 May-16-1999 Spring Fair & Festival - Jounieh.
# 7 April-25-1999 Beirut Rocks - A.U.B.
# 6 March-27-1999 A concert for the fans at the House of Art, El-Mina.
# 5 Feb -1999 Band Competition - Crepaway - Jounieh.
# 4 Dec-26-1998 A concert for the fans-The House of Art, El-Mina.
# 3 Summer-1998 The Summer Festival - The Sport's Stadium El-Mina.
# 2 April-25-1998 A concert for the fans at the House of Art, El-Mina.
# 1 Dec-26-1997 Concert # 1 at the Cultural Assembly Theatre in Tripoli.

Name: Mike Arab
Age: 41
Birth date: April-19-1963

Q- What you do in the band: (include everything you do, ie instrument(s), lead
vocals, backup vocals, writing lyrics, writing music, etc)
A- I play Bass, Guitar, write music, Vocals, Back up vocals.

Q- Where you grew up:
A- El-Mina, Lebanon

Q- Where you live now:
A- El-Mina, Lebanon

Q- When did you decide you wanted to be a musician?
A- In 1984.

Q- Why did you choose the instrument that you did (or choose to sing)?
A- The first time I saw Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, Richie Blackmore. I got blown away and that was it.

Q- How did you learn to play the instrument?
A- I bought some books all the way from London and started teaching myself.

Q- Did you begin playing in your current genre?
A- Yes I did. I also played different styles along the way.

Name: Leo Adhami
Age: 23
Birth date July- 03-1980

Q-What you do in the band include everything you do such as instrument(s) lead vocals, backup vocals, writing lyrics, writing music, etc.
A- I am the Keyboard player and I write Music.

Q-Where you grew up
A- Kuwait

QWhere you live now

Q- When did you decide you wanted to be a musician?
A- I was about 10 years old when my brother bought a keyboard but after a short while I started hearing myself playing some good notes and my brother was amazed to see me playing the way I did. So that is how I discovered my talent.

Q- Why did you choose the instrument that you did.
A- I just love the variety of sounds and beats you can get from just one instrument.

Q- How did you learn to play the instrument?
A- I taught myself I bought some books and practiced a lot then I started playing live on stage and that was really satisfying.

Q- Did you begin playing in your current genre?
A- No I did not, but after going deeper into rock music I just loved it and forgot all about the rest.

Name: Faris Faris
Age: 43
Birth date: April-07-1960

Q-What you do in the band: (include everything you do, i.e. instrument(s), lead vocals, backup vocals, writing lyrics, writing music, etc)
A-I play the drums, write songs, the band manager, publicist, and financial advisor
I do just about everything to help the band get to where it deserves to be.

Q-Where you grew up:
A- I grew up in Lebanon.

Q-Where you live now
A-I live in Lebanon.

Q-When did you decide you wanted to be a musician?
A-The first time I heard our neighbor's son playing the drums. I was eleven then but I couldn't start
playing until the age of twenty-five.

Q-Why did you choose the instrument that you did (or choose to sing)?
A-I really don't know what happened when I heard the sound of the drums. It's beyond words.

Q-How did you learn to play the instrument?
A-I studied at the house of music in Queens, New York. I couldn't even tell my dad about how bad
I wanted to play the drums. 3 brothers and 5 sisters, a big family I knew that he was gonna say no way. So, I waited until I moved to New York then I started saving my money and what else can I tell you I'm 43 now and I'm still playing the drums.

Q-Did you begin playing in your current genre?
A-Yes, I did. But I really like to play many different styles.

Winner of
the 11:th Final

November Moon by Lindsay Wynn

This singer/songwriter is making her presence felt in South Florida in addition to creating a buzz throughout the music industry. Involved in music all of her life, this talented and sensual artist has drawn from widespread influences (everything from Fiona Apple to Ella Fitzgerald to The Grateful Dead) to create a new sound which is both unique and hauntingly unforgettable. Not just another pretty face, this accomplished pianist and guitarist has teamed up with writer/producer Pete Masitti (Hootie and the Blowfish, Julio Iglesias Jr.) to create her debut EP (to be released December 2003) as a precursor to her full length album. Keeping the emphasis on delivering stirring live performances, Lindsay continues to excite and enamor audiences at each and every show.

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