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Every week we feature 10 artists on Compo-10.They rank each other and the ones who have been ranked best are featured on this page (check below). The winner of each week's competition gets to join a final that will be held after there has been 10 competitions. The 10 winners will rank each other in the final. You can find the previous Compo-10 winners at the station "Compo-10 Winners".

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During weeks 101 - 110 the weekly contests will feature songs from the same genre only (alternative, blues, classical, country, easy listening, electronic, hip hop/rap/urban, jazz, latin, metal, pop/rock or world/folk )



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Detailed results from all the weeks
Top-3 from all the weeks

WINNER OF WEEK 106 hip-hop and urban music:

"Betcha Can't Say No" by a girl called jaen /David (DK) Kater/Jean Yves Ducornet´┐Ż

Sometimes, an artist comes along whose music combines undeniable honesty and sophistication, introspection and accessibility, vulnerability and strength. a girl named jaen blends these qualities together seamlessly on her debut opus DUSK, an impressive recording that couples modern electronic soundscapes with acoustic instrumentation, and compelling lyrics with infectious hooks.
Although a girl named jaen's sound can be described as juxtaposing Madonna's melodic sensibilities with Alanis Morissette's raw emotion, at times echoing Shirley Manson's sensual coolness and an underground Sneaker Pimps feel, her signature sound definitely stands alone, remarkably fresh and interesting. Says the seasoned vocalist/songwriter, "I wanted to make an album on my own terms, to have fun musically while exploring lyrical themes that were important or interesting to me. And to embrace some issues that most people have trouble even acknowledging."

a girl named jaen's songs have been featured in critically acclaimed independent feature films (Love Philosophy, The Young Unknowns and Body Language), popular prime-time television shows (CBS' That's Life, WB's Grosse Pointe, MTV's Live Through This), and numerous sites on the Internet ('s Hangman).

a girl named jaen's
songs have been featured in numerous critically acclaimed films, t.v. shows and on the web:
That's Life (CBS)
Grosse Pointe (WB)
Live Through This (MTV)
Love Philosophy (Independent festival film)
The Young Unknowns (Independent festival film)
Hangman (
Body Language (festival short film)
Angel In A Red Dress (WB original short)
YO DVD (yearbook DVDs distributed Nationwide)

a girl named jaen
also pens songs for other artists and several of those songs have been featured in the following:
All About Us (The Alecia Elliot Show) (NBC)
Barhopping (a John Travolta produced feature) (Showtime)
Dishdogs (Independent Film)
Passions (NBC)
Promised Land (NBC)
Britney Baby One More Time
(Independent Sundance Feature Film)
Beyond Chance (Lifetime)
Soul Food (Showtime)
The Young And The Restless (CBS)
Leap Years (Showtime)
Ring Of Endless Light (Disney)

"Disappear" from "DUSK" won Best Rock/Alternative song - Austrailian Songwriters Association Competition
"Disappear" from "DUSK" won 3rd best pop song in The Austrailian Songwriters Association Competition
"Disappear" from "DUSK" won 2nd best lyric in The Unisong International Songwriting Competition
"Freaks" from "DUSK" won best Rock/Alternative in The Unisong International Songwriting Competition


For more information on a girl named jaen, and to receive updates on her upcoming shows, new releases and other cool and exciting stuff, contact:

Neolithic Records
Attn: Lynn
P.O. Box 92418
Pasadena, CA 91109
Or Lynn at:

For licensing contact:
Michael Eames
PEN Music Group, Inc.
(323) 993-6542

Winner of
the 10:th Final

Shelley Dael Walker

This multi-talented singer/songwriter performs to captivated listeners, who often describe her voice as "angelic."
Shelley's first band, Grass Roots, released two records while Shelley was still in high school. The band reformed as Ireson’s Ride, releasing one full-length recording which garnered both local and national critical acclaim. At this time, Shelley’s music was prominently featured in seminal alternative disc jock Marco Collins’s weekly local Seattle Area program, The Young and the Restless on 107.7 KNDD, the same station who broke bands such as Nirvana and Beck.
Her first solo EP, precluding her forthcoming full length, quickly received airplay on 103.7 The Mountain. Shelley’s debut solo album, Stitches and Skin, is a collection of skillfully written and delivered songs that are lush, innovative and memorable.

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