FACTS ABOUT audiostreet.net
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Features and Benefits of AudioStreet.net
Through AudioStreet.net we offer a complete package that allows a band to not only create their presence on the web, but to grow their overall presence and to gain more fans.

We do this by offering services that let you:
  • Free Music Downloads- Let your fans download your music for free!
  • Free Music Hosting - You can host up to 3 songs FREE with our basic account.
  • Stream your songs - control access to your songs allowing people to access streams only.
  • Direct mp3 download - allow only certain songs to be downloaded as high quality mp3 files.
  • Event Listings - let the world know where and when you are playing.
  • Photo galleries - (coming soon) - post artist images and pictures from your shows.
  • Message boards - (coming soon) - by far the best way for an artist to keep in touch with current fans and create new ones.
  • Merchandise Storefront - (coming soon) - how would you like a complete storefront that gives your fans fast access to a professional online store allowing them to purchase your cds, T-shirts, hats, and more. All this directly from your AudioStreet.net homepage.
  • Sell your mp3s as digital downloads - (coming soon) - we plan to offer a full service allowing you to sell high quality mp3's to your fans that want to purchase individual songs.
  • and much much more!
All of the features listed above are managed by each individual artist through a user friendly control panel. All of this in an online community environment that allows you to interact with other musicians from all around the globe.

Below you will find screen shots and descriptions of some of the most popular features available on our site.

Artist Home Page Artist Home Page
We give you the tools needed to create a professional artist page on AudioStreet.net. The main artist page is where fans have access to all of the information you provide. Your music, lyrics, images, events everything.

To help you get across your artist "look", we alot space for an artist image, album artwork, area for custom HTML, and soon themes.

Allow Mp3 Streaming or Mp3 Downloading - Its Your Choice Mp3 Streaming & Mp3 Downloading
Its your music, therefore it is your choice as to whether your want your music to be streamed or available for mp3 download. Either way, we provide you with FREE MUSIC HOSTING.

Streaming Music - When your music is set to stream, we automatically encode a Hi-Bandwidth and Low-Bandwidth version so that people on 56k modems can enjoy your music as well.

Direct Mp3 Download - When your music is set to be allowed as a download, a 128kbps 44khz file will be made available to the listener.


Bio, History & Reviews Pages Artist Bio & History
Let everyone know how your band came about with the Bio / History page. We let you put in as much information as you want so that people can get familiar with the background of your band and the type of music you play.
Artist Contact Page
Your fans have to have a way to get in touch with you don't they? On your page will be a contact form allowing for a fan or anyone else to fill out their information and send an email directly to the band. This is done without giving out any of the bands confidential information.

Events & Gig Calendar
Let the world know about all of your upcoming events. People are always looking for something to do, concerts to go to. Why not it be on of your concerts! By placing your events on your AudioStreet.net page you help to get more exposure for your band and more people out to your shows.

We will soon have a feature available letting a user search by events going on in their city! This will allow people to learn about shows that are going on that they normally would not know about.


You get all this and much more with your AudioStreet.net account. So what are you waiting for? Signup today!