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FACTS ABOUT artistlaunch.com


Free = Yes: Any artist can join the AL NETWORK OF SITES for free. Not only can they put up 2 songs for free and have a fully customizable page but they also AUTOMATICALLY are added to the other sites on the network. Sites like FreeWorldRadio.com and YourPlayListClub.com With ONE Admin page the artist automatically gets exposure on all the sites of the network and more sites are about to join.

Price = We offer the 2 following choices 1) $24.95 for 6 months 2) $39.95 for 1 year: For full members the benefits increase to unlimited songs, front page features, CD features at one of the network sites, Radio show features, radio play, feature interviews and much more.

Number of songs: 2 for free UNLIMITED for $36. Automatic lofi mp3 creation for both and can upload ANY size MP3, or WAV or OGG etc.

Radio Stations or Play lists : BOTH and that is for free and paid subscribers
There are 19 radio stations on the network BUT these are not some stupid little link that simply launches the person's player. No these are real broadcasts, and the ArtistLaunch Hour has a DJ and gives each artist good promos. MORE IMPORTANT, any artist can with a few clicks of the mouse create a new station. These stations can be

1) Broadcast on the radio via FreeWOrldRadio
2) Played on any mp3 player
3) Play any song from any artist on the network
4) Be emailed to friends and fans
5) Easily be incorporated into the artist home.com site
6) And a lot more

Can customize with HTML or JavaScript BOTH for us

Automatic LoFi creation = Immediate for us

Direct streaming= Y: Artist have 3 ways to direct stream:

1) By placing a direct link to their music anywhere. However no chart credits are given
2) By placing a link anywhere to the AL broadcaster (a small html app). Full chart credits
3) By placing a link to the FreeWOrldRadio application anywhere (another
small html app) Full chart credits are given

Streaming with specific players should say ALL + 2 custom Payers for free and paid people

Charts=y: We have so many kinds of charts it's ridiculous

Email on site Yes

Forum YES to free and paid subscribers

Marketing tools and custom applications: Both for us.

Works well=Y: Not only is the network easy to use but it's innovative. See this is the ONLY place where the artist has ONE admin page for several sites. Change your pic on the admin page and it instantly changes at ArtistLaunch, FreeWorldRadio.com, YourPlayListClub.com and on the FreeWOrldRAdio application, bitpusher.com etc etc.

Works with Mac and PC=

Possible CD's=Y: Not only can you cell your cd's (AUTOMATICALLY ON ALL THE SITES) , but we also burn cds even limited production runs.

Music Videos Yes

Responsive=YYYYYYY: AL responds to every enquiry within minutes most of the time and never more than a few hours.

Immediate updates YES: When a song is uploaded it is INSTANTLY available on ALL the sites on the network. Same for artist info, pictures etc.

Alexa rank. That seems ok but it doesn't make the full picture. First (and you show it in tiny print) Alexa only ranks people who installed their stupid toolbar. Second the correct ranking for AL should include the total rank for ALL the sites on the network because the artists are AUTOMATICALLY on all of them.

Recommended - Yes



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