Artists from all over the World uniting for a mutual Good Cause - Music

FACTS ABOUT AcidPlanet.com

is the Internet's premier site for new music and unique
artists. It's home to a growing online community of 100,000 exciting,
individual digital musicians. Like you.

At ACIDplanet.com you create and upload your own music for the world to
hear. Or listen to music created by others. Enter contests where you
remix music by major artists. You could even get discovered by label
reps. It's all about the music here, all the time.

You don't need ACID(r) software, the industry's #1 loop-based music
composition tool, to join in the activities at ACIDplanet.com-but it
helps. We've made it easy for you, with ACID XPress, our free ten-track
mixing and composing application. And we provide plenty of free content;
new "loops" (sound samples optimized for use in ACID software) and
complete ACID projects are available weekly on our 8Packs page.

The ACIDplanet(r) web site is a forum for interacting with other
musicians, to collaborate, to listen, to chat and get involved. Publish
your song and watch it rise to the top of the charts. ACIDplanet.com is
your record label and stage, at one convenient URL.

There's always something new happening at ACIDplanet.com. To make the
most of your ACIDplanet experience, be sure to register and become an
official ACIDplanet citizen. Citizens receive early notice of new events
and products, and receive exclusive promotions. Registration is free.

Host - www.acidplanet.com
Language options - English
Free - Yes
Price - none
Pay for play - none
Number of songs allowed - unlimited
Streaming possible - yes
Streaming with specific player/any player - choose between our custom
player or your stand alone players
Transmit your music anywhere-deep linking = direct links to tracks at
the site) - streaming version only, no deep linking to downloads
Can customize with HTML or JavaScript - limited HTML allowed
Exposure on multiple web sites - no
Direct feedback to artists - yes
Feature articles, and front page features - yes
Radio stations or playlists - yes
Charts - yes
Possibility to burn cd:s - no
Possibility to sell cd:s - no, hopefully coming soon
Music videos - yes
E-mail on site - no
Responsive to enquiries - yes
Immediate updates - yes
Forum - yes
Alexa traffic rank - 24,970
Works well with PC - yes
Works well with Mac - untested

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