Language options: site is in english but artists can use whatever language they want.

View details (kindly provided by site) is a website created by former staff to be everything that the old was. It includes cutting edge features like automatic podcasting (every track uploaded to the site gets added to the artist's podcast) and playlist creation. It's 100% free and artists can upload as many tracks as they want.

Free: YES

Price Annual fees given for easier comparison although some OMD:s charge a monthly: free

Pay for play: no

Number of songs allowed : unlimited

Speed measurement of the time it takes for pages on a site to load: very fast

FM radio distribution: podcast distribution on Derrick Oien's $250 million radio show

Radio stations or playlists: yes

Streaming possible: yes, but not stream only

Streaming with specific player/any player: any player

Transmit your music anywhere-deep linking = direct links to tracks at the site): deep linking allowed though spawns artist page in browser

Can customize with HTML or JavaScript: yes

Exposure on multiple web sites: no

popups: no popup ads, just popups for adding to playlists and other tools.

Direct feedback to artists: yes, includes masking email address (less spam)

Direct promotion to consumers (e-mails etc.): no

Feature articles, and front page features: yes

Forum: yes

Events page: yes

Charts: yes

Possibility to make cd:s no

Possibility to sell cd:s not directly

Music videos: no

E-mail on site (?) I have a contact form that goes to me.

Responsive to enquiries: very

Immediate updates: no, new songs require approval

Alexa traffic rank: 1.7M for

Works well with PC: yes

Works well with Mac:

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